Technology Timeline

This is an experiment in examining your relationship with technology.

Draw a line and mark each year from your birth til now.

Then note each significant moment in your relationship with technology, particularly with media and communication technology. Use words, drawings, colors, whatever you like.

What you note will depend on your age, economic circumstances, and what feels significant to you, but possibilities include: first remote-controlled tv; first cable box; first VCR; first record; first radio; first stereo (boombox anyone?); first cassette tape; first cd player; first desktop computer; first laptop; first own phone; first own tv, first mobile; first ipod; first MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, OK Cupid, EHarmony, Tinder, Netlflix, Skype, Zoom etc etc account; first text message; first iPhone / Android; first wifi; first time you heard of the internet; first time you watched something on YouTube; first time you posted a photograph of food; first time you heard important news on Facebook; first time you got bad news when your phone dinged in the middle of the night; first email account; first blog; first comment; first online subscription; first online publication; etc etc etc.

Now reflect:

What changed and when? At what point did things hit critical mass for you? What have some of these technologies enabled for you? What have some of them inhibited, or ended? Are there things you pay more attention to now? Less?

As you look at your timeline and allow yourself to recognise the ways in which your relationship with technology has changed over the course of your lifetime, and the ways this relationship may have changed you, what stands out? How do you feel? What do you know?