Enough! Time to Write

Enough! Time to Write is a small-group coaching and writing programme that supports you in nurturing a sustainable writing habit. It consists of 10 weeks of regular meetings that combine group-coaching workshops, community-building, and show-up-and-write sessions, all grounded in the Enough! feminist principles of reflection, connection, resistance and change. 

Enough! Time to Write offers a space for progressing your project, developing understanding of your process, and deepening commitment to your practice. It is a space that welcomes your whole self, acknowledging all of the things that support and hamper your writing, whether external conditions or internal narratives.

Enough! Time To Write includes:

  • Opening Workshop: Intention (90 minutes)
    What are your goals for the next 10 weeks? How do you want to be with your writing?
  • Mid-point Workshop: Process (90 minutes)
    Reflecting on emerging questions — around process, commitments, energy, focus, confidence, motivation, etc. Considering what you’d like to be different in your writing life and how to make that happen.
  • Closing Workshop: Commitment (90 minutes)
    Setting commitments for your writing projects, process and practice going forward.
  • Six Facilitated Writing Sessions (90 minutes)
    Two 25-minute writing blocks followed by an optional 30-minute group-coaching conversation. Write without distraction, then make a cup of tea and debrief in community.
  • One Individual Coaching Session (30 minutes)
    Available at any point in the programme.
  • Reflection Exercises
    Offered as needed.
  • Email support
    Laura is available to you throughout the programme for email correspondence.

This programme does not include feedback on writing itself.

Why: For evidence of how Laura has helped people advance their writing, clarify their priorities, and develop self-compassion, please read these testimonials.

When: The Winter 2022 programme will run on Mondays from noon to 1:30 pm weekly, from 17th January through 21st March (excluding 14th February). 

Where: Zoom, mindfully facilitated to approximate being in an actual room together.

Who: All writers welcome! It is likely the majority will be academics and PhD students, but anyone who wants to make time to write belongs here. There will be a maximum of 5 participants.


  • Full rate: £685
  • Reduced rate: £545
  • Student/contingent rate: £405

Choose the rate that best fits your circumstances. Payment accepted by bank transfer, PayPal, or Wise. Payment in installments or by purchase order also possible.

Enrolment: Email coaching@laurapremack.com to enrol. All questions welcome.