How do I contact you?
Please email coaching@laurapremack.com.

You’re in the northwest of England. I’m not. Could I still work with you?
Yes! Coaching works beautifully by phone or Zoom, and I have a knack for time zone calculations. I am also happy to meet in person when geography (and global pandemics) permit.

What kind of coach are you? Life coach? Writing coach? PhD coach? Productivity coach? Mindfulness coach?
Yes. I do all of this, often in combination.

What if my current situation makes it difficult for me to really contemplate change?
There is always scope for change, however small. Coaching finds it. We probe the places where you are stuck. We challenge habitual narratives and beliefs. We clarify priorities. This leads to insights and actions, large and small, which accrue weight that allows things to shift. Often, these shifts take on a gravity of their own and lead to massive transformation.

I’m actually fairly happy with my life. What would coaching do for me?
Coaching enables decision-making. It changes habits and creates new perspectives. A coach provides support, challenge, and accountability. If there is something about your life that you would like to be different, coaching is a powerful tool for making it happen.

This sounds a lot like therapy. What’s the difference?
Coaching is a relationship of equals that focuses on the present and future. We don’t try to figure out why you are the way you are. We take where you are right now as our starting point, and we begin with the premise that there is nothing wrong with you.

Do you specialize in working with certain kinds of people?
I work with people who want to live intentional, meaningful lives. My clients include academics, professionals, creatives, educators, parents, career-changers, and people who wear multiple hats. I often find myself working with feminist academics, and I enthusiastically welcome clients of any nationality, race, gender, religion, ability, immigration status or sexual orientation.

What is your training?
I am trained in the fundamentals of Co-Active Coaching and am professionally supervised by a faculty member of the Co-Active Training Institute. I am also earning certification as a meditation teacher in Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield’s Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program. In addition, I draw on my training as an educator (EdM Harvard); my decades supervising and mentoring students; my varied work experience; and my longtime personal study of meditation and yoga.

How much do you charge?
Please see the fees page.