Academia is a game of whack-a-mole. It can feel like a war of attrition between your passions and your responsibilities, a career in which success and satisfaction can mean two very different things.

As a former academic who has worked in both the US and UK, Laura has an intimate understanding of the ups and downs of academic life. She has been a tenure-track assistant professor, a permanent lecturer, and a year-to-year postdoc. Her experience includes Harvard University, UNC-Chapel Hill, Bowdoin College, Wesleyan University, Keene State College, and Lancaster University. She knows well the brutality of the job market, the pressures to publish and secure funding, the ticking of the tenure clock, the opaqueness of the promotions process, the politics of peer review, the agonies of the REF, and the fact that, no, you don’t actually get summers ‘off.’

As a coach, Laura will help you clarify what it is you really want out of academic life and will work with you to achieve it. Set your own agenda. Act instead of react. Know where you draw the line. Decide for yourself what fulfillment looks like.

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