Time Management & Productivity

So much ink is spilled on hacks to help you squeeze the most out of each workday. Most approaches to time management and productivity focus on to-do’s and shoulds: you should get up at the crack of dawn, you should exercise every day, you should never check email, you should take regular walks and/or naps, you should use this software, you should use that app, you should outsource your household tasks, you should work less, you should rest more so you can work better.

What about wants, needs, dreams? What about to-be’s? What if you simply want to do what you can as well as you can, looking after yourself and your loved ones and this nutty, needy world with your sanity and self-respect intact?

Laura’s approach to productivity and time management puts your true priorities and wellbeing at the center. Real wellbeing — not just management-speak for keeping you healthy so you can produce produce produce. She offers specific strategies drawn from a range of methods (Getting Things Done, Unscheduling, Bullet-Journaling, etc.) and couples them with coaching approaches that underline your own values and wisdom.

Laura also runs an annual group coaching programme Enough! Productivity For Feminists. The next session will begin in January 2022.

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