Career Transition

If you are making a career transition, Laura knows what you are going through. She has experienced the difficult, liberating process of leaving what she’d thought was her dream job. Ambivalence is exhausting. Inaction is its own choice. What a relief it is to confidently decide whether to stay or go, so you can stop dithering and get on with life.

Whether it is a drastic change or a gentle shift you are considering, Laura can support you. She has worked with professionals at all career stages, from just starting out through facing retirement. She helps people make authentic, well-considered decisions in line with their values. Marrying pragmatism with intuition, strategy with dreams, and possibility with reality is one of Laura’s sweet spots. As you face transition, and the grief and excitement that can accompany it, she will coach you through your questions and doubts, including figuring out what you’ll do next if you leave, and what you’ll do differently if you stay.

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