Work & Parenthood

Being a working parent is a balancing act, and it is not easy. With children, your life changes, your priorities shift, and your values evolve. Not only is it logistically difficult and physically exhausting, it can be very disorienting. Who am I now? What matters to me? Are my professional goals the same as they were before? What kind of parent do I want to be? What is my parenting revealing about myself? Is my relationship going to survive this? Is the picture of that smiling lady up there even possible??

Laura provides a space for you to ask and explore your questions about work and parenthood. She brings coaching tools to a situation too often treated as a time management issue, and confronts hard truths with you about being a working parent in a society set up on a model (working father / stay-at-home mother) that looks far different than most families do today.

To do this whole working parent thing successfully and sanely, you need to exorcise any voices from your head but your own. Only you know what you really need, what you value most, what is right for your career and your family. Laura will help you figure it out.

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