Life gets complicated. It’s hard to know where to start sometimes. Sure, ‘life hacks’ like productivity apps, time management systems and bullet journaling can help, but the fact of the matter is that you may simply be doing too much. How can you streamline?

When you are overwhelmed by competing priorities, what you may need most is to clarify your values. Often, we think we know what matters most to us but fail to notice the most important things; values can be like water to a fish. Or, it could be you have not paused long enough to notice how your values have evolved over the years as your life has changed.

Laura provides the space and tools to help you fully articulate what matters most to you right now. Then, she supports you in using this knowledge to sort and simplify your life. When your vision is clear, you can decide what to do, and what to let go. When you are committed, you can find the path past obstacles in the way. When you are living in line with your values, life feels more spacious and right.

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