One-to-One Coaching

Laura specializes in bringing coaching, mindfulness, and productivity techniques together to align your life with what matters most to you. Her one-to-one coaching offers a compassionate, insightful and playful space in which to explore possibilities, develop new habits, and make confident decisions. This is about more than achieving your goals. It is about living with purpose and ease.

There is nothing formulaic about Laura’s coaching. She brings her creative and analytical mind to bear on each interaction, with a skillset informed by her unique experience and background. Trained as a global historian, she reads between the lines, connects the dots, and synthesizes in unexpected ways. As a writer, she is attuned to language – the words you use and how they relate to each other. As a long-time meditator, she is fully present and comfortable with whatever arises; as a working parent, she is efficient and organized; as a teacher, she is attentive to objectives; and as a feminist, she believes that each person has the right to choose which roles to take on in the world.

Coaching with Laura begins with a chat about what you are looking for. Next, she develops a set of customized reflection questions for you, which set the basis for an exploration session, which is an opportunity for you to investigate your goals and determine the coaching agenda. This is typically followed by three to twelve months of regular sessions, with the exact formula and length of time varying from person to person. In between sessions, you undertake actions and inquiries that enable your intuition, strengthen your resolve, and advance your transformation.

What exactly happens in coaching? You may need support developing new systems, attitudes, or strategies. You may need encouragement, deep listening, challenging questions, or accountability for action. You may need to mine for values, to find and befriend inner critics, to explore new perspectives, to connect with your body, or to make the space to be with powerful emotion. Everyone’s circumstances are different. 

In spite of these differences, one thing almost everyone needs is the means to hear your inner voice and the courage to act on what it’s telling you. Be reminded of your values. Recognize how you get in your own way. Commit to what matters.

Laura typically works by telephone or internet, taking on only a small number of clients at a time in order to provide focused attention to each. While some coaches work within businesses and organizations, she works directly with individuals (occasionally making exceptions for workplaces that truly have their employees’ best interests at heart). This allows her to keep her efforts 100% focused on your agenda. Together, you and Laura develop the unique coaching relationship that works for you.

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