PhD Students

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start. Staring into the writing abyss. Trying to figure out if there was a meeting where they told everyone what to do and you missed it. Losing track of why you decided to do this darn thing in the first place. All of these are familiar stops on the road to a doctoral degree.

PhD students make the same mistakes over and over again. Laura knows; she made them herself. Revising one chapter to avoid starting another. Heading down reading rabbit holes. Comparing yourself to others in very different circumstances. Dithering. Hiding from your supervisor. PROCRASTINATING. Some mistakes can be remedied; others need to be lived with. Laura will help you and will not judge you. Her purpose is to see you get through your PhD with efficiency, enthusiasm, and plenty of compassion for yourself.

Laura has helped dozens of PhD students find their feet, shore up their confidence, establish their routines, sort their systems, befriend their gremlins, and get to the finish line. She will meet you where you are, offering a combination of mentoring and coaching tailored to your particular needs, grounded in her distinctive coaching approach: compassionate, sensible, creative and real.

Laura leads group writing coaching for PhD students and offers targeted, one-on-one interventions. She is also happy to customize group coaching packages for groups of PhD students or their departments.

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