Coaching Packages

If I’ve directed you to this page, it’s because you’re considering working with me and are wondering what a coaching package may look like for you and how much it will cost. 

Why packages? I work with packages because it’s important that we each make a commitment to working together, dedicating the time in our diaries and space in our thoughts. It’s also helpful that I know from the start how long we’ll be working together so I can map out possibilities; it’s good to have sense of where we’re going and how long we’ll have to get there.

Why not just a standard package? It would certainly be more straightforward, but I prefer to customize rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach. Each person I work with has different circumstances and goals. I like to think creatively and work flexibly to meet individual needs.

What if we’ve already worked together via WriteClub Coaching or in another context? If we have already worked together and have an existing coaching relationship, I am happy to work with you on a session-by-session basis.

Here are some examples of packages I have put together for clients in the past. I calculate the package fees based on an hourly rate of £125 / $150. Some coaches charge less; others charge much more. I offer concessions based on financial need as I am able (just ask); I always keep one slot available to do pro bono coaching with contingent academics or struggling PhD students; and I charge discounted rates to PhD students who are the first in their families to complete a university education.

Three-Month Package Good when you know there are changes you want to make and support you need right now. £875 / $1050

One 60-Minute Exploration Session, followed by

6 60-Minute Fortnightly* Sessions.

Six-Month Package A popular option, good for people knowing they want to make big changes but not really sure what they are. £1250 / $1500

One 60-Minute Exploration Session, followed by

Six 60-Minute Fortnightly Sessions, followed by

Three 60-Minute Monthly Sessions.

Light-Touch Six-Month Package A more affordable version of above. A lot can be accomplished in half hour sessions. £685 / $825

One 60-Minute Exploration Session, followed by

Six 30-Minute Fortnightly Sessions, followed by

Three 30-Minute Monthly Sessions.

12-Month Package If you are undertaking a transition and/or working towards a big goal and know you want consistent support and accountability through it. £1500 / $1800

One 60-Minute Exploration Session, followed by

Eleven 60-Minute Monthly Sessions.

As you can imagine, there are many possible combinations. We can commit to working together for a few months, several months, or longer. Each session can last from 30 minutes to an hour-and-a-half. We can meet weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. I invite you to consider what will work best for your life, your goals, and your budget. If this is all a bit overwhelming, leave it with me and I’ll make a recommendation after we’ve met.

My strong preference is that we not commit to a particular plan until after the exploration session, once we have a sense of what kind of work we’ll undertake and are confident we want to work together.

*Fortnightly, my fellow Americans, is every-other-week.