Sit & Do Nothing Practice

This is exactly what it sounds like: an invitation to practice sitting and doing nothing.

I recommend a comfy chair, a warm drink, and a window. Sit down, sip, and look outside. That’s it.

It’s harder than it sounds.

When you think of something that needs doing, don’t do it. When you wonder about something, don’t look it up. When you think of someone, don’t send a text. When you remember something important, don’t write it down. When you spot something that needs picking up, leave it where it is. And, nope, no reading. Just sit there.

Those are the only rules. It’s a bit like meditation, but the bar of entry is a lot lower, and there is never any question of whether you’re ‘doing it right.’ If you are still sitting there, then no matter what you are thinking about, no matter where your mind has wandered or what your eyes have alighted upon, you are doing it right.

This can be very difficult at first. You might just try it for five minutes at a time, or two. Just two minutes.

What is the point? I can think of three. If you keep this up, over time: 1. You train yourself away from compulsively doing. 2. You notice where your mind goes. 3. Eventually, though it may take a while, you learn to love just sitting and being. It is almost always one of the most resonant moments of my day.